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Planning & Programming


Planning and Programming

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We write plans, conduct data analysis, review performance outcomes, and manage the capital program.

Current activities

As part of the implementation of the Project Selection Policy, MnDOT has created a new website describing the selection of state highway construction projects, which includes the criteria and the list of candidate projects considered in the process.

The 2020-2023 State Transportation Improvement Program and 2020-2029 Capital Highway Investment Plan have been finalized.

MnDOT is creating a Statewide Pedestrian System Plan for Minnesota. Walking is a key element of the state’s transportation. The plan will help MnDOT understand the walking needs of communities that state highways serve and prioritize future investment and policy to create a fully walkable system. Learn more about the plan and how to get involved.

MnDOT is undertaking the Advancing Transportation Equity initiative to better understand how the transportation system, services and decisions-making processes help or hinder the lives of people in underserved and underrepresented communities in Minnesota. Specifically, MnDOT wants to identify key actions that transportation agencies can take to make meaningful change. Follow the project.

News and notes

Our work doesn't stop once a plan is updated. The Family of Plans is where MnDOT and our transportation partners communicate what we plan to do. We identify how we will invest, what strategies to implement and specific activities to complete in order to make progress towards the Minnesota GO Vision. To learn more about our key activities visit MinnesotaGO.org.