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Project Manager Newsletter

April 2024

Happy April everyone and welcome to the next edition of the PM Newsletter! I am writing this on a Wednesday morning after we had a full day of rain in my area which was sorely needed. It’s amazing how fast rain helps the plants go from brown to green!

Thank you to those of you that attended our Hwy 252/I-94 virtual public meeting on Thu, April 11. I really appreciate hearing from all of you and hopefully it left you with more knowledge of where we are going in the coming months on the environmental study. There will be many opportunities to provide your feedback beginning with the Notice of Intent (NOI), which started a 30-day public comment period.

MnDOT and FHWA published the Notice of Intent on April 15. Comments will be taken through May 15. We are looking for new comments that explain why the issue raised is important to the consideration of the alternatives. All comments received during the NOI public comment period will be included in the public comment section of the environmental impact statement (EIS).

Below is also a list of upcoming engagement opportunities as we begin the decision-making process associated with the EIS. As we get closer to each opportunity, we will explain more of what we are looking for and how the comments will influence decision-making.

  • Summer - fall 2024
    • Should Hwy 252 go over or under local roads at intersections?
  • Fall 2024 - spring 2025
    • Which intersections will have direct vehicle access to Hwy 252 and which ones will have pedestrian and bike access?
  • Spring - summer 2025 
    • How should the road design look on I-94 and Hwy 252?

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible from diverse backgrounds to provide comments.

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions!