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Hwy 10 - J-turn

County Road 60, Otter Tail County

Project details

About this project

MnDOT will improve access and safety at the intersection of Highway 10 and County Road 60 in Otter Tail County by constructing a J-turn. A J-turn is a type of reduced conflict intersection (RCI). It converts side street thru-travel and left-turn movements into right turns, followed by a U-turn. At the Highway 10/County Road 60 intersection, side street left turns and thru-movements are the most common generator of serious crashes.

In 2021, the public was invited to vote on the design of the J-turn. MnDOT will implement the public’s preferred design option: a restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT), where the center median remains open for Highway 10 traffic to turn left onto County Road 60.

The project is currently scheduled for construction in 2024.

Project location map

Hwy 10 and CR 60. Click image for more information.


About J-turns

The J-turn design at the Highway 10 and County Road 60 intersection will be a restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT) design. With an RCUT, the center median remains open for Highway 10 traffic to exit left in order to travel northbound or southbound on County Road 60.

Option two restricted crossing u-turn.

Top view of option two restricted crossing u-turn.

The following animation shows how navigate through a J-turn:

Highway 10 option two Restricted Crossing U-Turn


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