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Hwy 10—Randall

Morrison County

Improve access

RCI at Co. Rd. 14 Close median access at Co. Rd. 104 and Willow Ln Access at Hwy 115 and 80th Ave.
Project proposes to install an RCI at Hwy 115 and Morrison Co. Rd 14 in Randall. Select intersections for design concept images.

MnDOT will improve access and safety on Hwy 10 in Randall, which includes two proposed J-turns at Morrison Co. Rd. 14 and Hwy 115 in 2024.


About this project

J-turns also known as RCIs or R-cuts, are intersections that decrease fatalities and injuries caused by broadside crashes on four-lane divided highways. Drivers always make a right turn, followed by a U-turn. They don’t need to wait for a gap in both directions to cross. This reduces potential conflict points and increases motorist safety.

Future Hwy 10 RCI's to be installed at the intersections of Morrison Co. Rd. 14 and Hwy 115 in Randall. The illustration below shows how the motorist would safely access both directions of Hwy 10 or continue, go across. The RCI allows motorists to focus on two lanes of traffic in one direction instead of all lanes in both directions.

View layout

Draft preliminary Hwy 10 layout, PDF (July 2021) Note: File is detailed and large to view (engineering design and aerial image); recommend use of monitor or laptop. Contact Kelly Scegura if need in another format.

Project location, improve access - map, PDF
Illustration shows how to navigate a RCI in Randall. Click on image to enlarge.

Summary of work

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Learn more about Reduced Conflict Intersections at MnDOT.