St. Croix Crossing aerial view

St. Croix Crossing

Connecting Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis.

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Traffic Impacts


Mon, Aug. 27 to early October

  • Emergency repairs to a storm sewer pipe on the Wisconsin bluff at the end of the new Highway 36/64 St. Croix River Crossing bridge in St. Joseph Township, Wisconsin will be carried out from a barge in the St. Croix River. The barge will be moored beneath the bridge to place rip-rap to repair the shoreline and restore the St. Croix River’s eastern shoreline.
  • Work on the storm sewer pipe will begin after Labor Day weekend. The work will be donefrom land with crews reaching the location from the Wisconsin State Trunk Highway 35 overpass.
  • The new plan will not affect traffic on the St. Croix Crossing bridge.

St. Croix Crossing final work and mitigation

Although the Hwy 36 St. Croix river crossing opened to traffic on Wed, Aug. 2, 2017, additional work remains to complete the project.

Spring 2018
Work includes:


Details about upcoming project closures will be posted when available.

Construction on related projects

Stillwater Lift Bridge Project

Bridge closure
Aug. 2017 to June 2019

With the new St. Croix Crossing bridge opened to traffic, the historic Stillwater Lift Bridge conversion project has begun. The Lift Bridge is now closed to ALL traffic.

The Lift bridge, spanning the St. Croix River, will be converted to a bicycle/pedestrian crossing and will also become part of a five-mile “loop trail” system connecting the new river bridge with the historic bridge. The Lift Bridge will continue to operate to allow boat navigation beneath.

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Hwy 95 in Stillwater

Construction of the Upper Loop Trail along Hwy 95 in Stillwater includes adding new drainage structures beneath Hwy 95 near the Oasis Café and landscaping.

Visit the Hwy 95 in Stillwater project page for more details.

Wisconsin Hwy 64, Houlton, Wis.

Wisconsin Hwy 64 Loop Trail in Wisconsin: Construction of Loop Trail in Wisconsin (part of St. Croix Crossing’s Loop Trail project) and landscaping. Includes construction of two trailhead parking lots, a restroom and a picnic shelter with tables and benches.

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Project news

Blog series

Video series: Building the St. Croix Crossing

Want a closer look at St. Croix Crossing construction? Check out our video series to discover more about the major stages of bridge construction, from laying the bridge foundations below the water to making the finishing touches on the bridge.

  • In the first video, learn how crews constructed the bridge foundation below the water.
  • In the second video, find out how the bridge piers and crossbeams were constructed
  • In the third video, see how crews assembled the bridge deck.
  • The fourth video will give you a glimpse of how the pier towers and stay cables were erected.
  • The fifth video (below) takes a look at the finishing touches on the bridge, including chip sealing and painting

Visit our YouTube channel to view the entire video series!