Survey results

How often do you ride a bicycle?

  Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
4-7 times a week 26 33.7%
1-3 times a week 26 33.7%
1-3 times a month 7 9.0%
1-3 times a year 6 7.7%
Bicycle? Why ride a bicycle when you could use a motor? 10 12.9%
Other 1 1.2%
No Responses 1 1.2%
Total 77 100%

Other responses

  • physical limitations prevent me from peddling a bicycle.

12 Comment(s)

  • We don't ride in the winter months.
  • Every day for ~9 months.  Don't ride much once snow arrives
  • We don't need to spend this kind of money on a state wide bike trail system!!!
  • I have a sales position where I need to travel between clients- a bike does me no good
  • Previous years I've ridden 1-3 times a week during the summer. This year, however, I'll be riding 4-7 times per week or more to commute to school. I've also not had a job before, but am planning to find one this summer and will be biking to it.
  • I in-line skate instead of riding a bike.  I only commute in a motor vehicle.
  • If we are going to build bike trails, bicyclists need to pay their fair share.  The monies should NOT come from much gas/license plate/highway revenues.
  • retired recreational rider
  • My bike is my primary and preferred mode of transportation!
  • I live in Duluth and it's still freezing on May 18 2015.
    I would use my bike more if I lived in Austin Tx.
  • I'm car-free. Have been since 2002. I ride regularly from April through November or December and occasionally during the winter months, too. I'm also disabled and ride a recumbent.


Do you ever commute to work on your bicycle?

  Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
Yes 28 36.4%
No 48 62.3%
No Responses 1 1.3%
Total 77 100%


How often do you commute?

  Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
Most of the time in the summer 4 5.1%
Some of the time in the summer 12 15.5%
Most of the time in the summer and on nice winter days 5 6.4%
All year! 4 5.1%
Other 0 0.0%
No Responses 52 67.5%
Total 77 100%

1 Comment(s)

  • Now with family, it's harder to commute to work, but when the family is older, I'd expect to be cycling to work more.


How far do you commute?

  Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
1-5 miles 11 14.2%
6-10 miles 6 7.7%
More than 10 miles 8 10.3%
No Responses 52 67.5%
Total 77 100%

4 Comment(s)

  • 12 miles each way to work.
  • Commute 1-5; recreational cycling involves anywhere between 10-100 miles depending on the route and that would include suburbs and beyond.
  • Oneway. Roundtrips are 15-25+ miles
  • I'm biking more now that Hwy 100 and Mntka Blvd is under construction to avoid sitting in traffic. Please remove the West Side Drive right lane barrier, it's causing traffic backups on Cedar Lake Rd and to as far as the West End.


Is there anything you'd like us to know about bicycling in Minnesota?

32 Comment(s)

  • There should be a Light up and Live" campaign for cyclists.  I've found day time lights to be a big factor in getting drivers to see me.
  • Please fill the pot holes and sweep the streets. Consider good sholders when building new roads.
  • More bike lanes on roads would be sweet. Especially in NE Mpls. Driver education would also be great. And if drivers would stop using their cell phones/blowing through crosswalks when the signal is the white walking dude. Otherwise, I love my commute on Wirth/the Luce Line trail!
  • I would ride more if there more bike only lanes that my kids and I could ride in safely without fear of car traffic.?
  • trail heads and ends need to be indicated on the map would help (along with a local road map w/ street markings showing the location) i hope to ride many many state trails this summer - now just to find them :)
  • Spend some money outside the twin cities
  • Gravel road biking is the best.
  • Lots of good options.  winter maintenance is what keeps me from riding year-round.
  • Crossing state highways on bike can sometimes be a chore (to the point of needing to rely on state statute 169.06.9). In those places where high bicycle traffic is expected to cross state highways, it would be great if MnDOT would concentrate on putting loop detector pavement markings down so cyclists can find and hopefully trigger the detectors.
  • The roads are crumbling around us in the twin cites and you are building more bike paths...and adding bike lanes to roads that are way too congested already.  It's asinine.
  • Yes, please stop spending tax dollars on bike paths, bike lanes or a bike system!
  • If people want bike trails then the money should be raised from bike owner fees or taxes and not come out of the gas tax/ transportation budget. Too much of that money is being used for things other that maintaining roads and bridges-use it for its entended purpose instead of light rail and bike trails!!
  • The idea to clog roads to force people to ride bikes does not work with modern families that need cars to get kids and people places quickly. Also, we as parents cannot move to a biking distance every time we get a new job.  Please stop spending  the limited money on the wants of a few and focus on the needs of the many.
  • Drivers are far too disrespectful to cyclists - they refuse to acknowledge cyclists' right to ride on a road and generally do not give cyclists 3 feet of space. I've also been shouted at by cops using a megaphone to stay on the shoulder of an incredibly rough road laden with potholes.
  • Bikes should be limited to streets parallel to busy streets to avoid congestion on main roads.
  • Allow 50 c.c. motor scooters on ALL Minnesota bike trails. Be a great way of letting more people enjoy the trails. Also time to license bikes to pay for trails and maintenance.
  • You need to quit taking lanes from cars for bicycles.  We need more car lanes and bicycles need to follow the rules of the roads.
  • I cycle with some bike shops and TCBC a few times a week so I consider myself more of a recreational rider than say a commuter at this point in time.  However, having the option to bike on roads...that is, there's enough space for bikes and other motor vehicles is an important element to the quality of life living in the city.
  • I love it!
  • More work needs to be done on the rail trail running north from elk river on the old rail line...zimmerman, princeton, etc
  • Yes, that was a mighty short survey. Glad I could help.
  • It's a great part of the PARK systems!!
  • Yeah - stop wasting my money on this and fix the damn roads.  Add more lanes, for cars, not the few people who ride a bike.  This is MN where half the year has snow on the ground.  We need ROADS - not bike lanes and not trains.
  • Need better and more biking infrastructure, dedicated funding for bike infrastructure, and a fully-connected regional (extending to State) level network!
  • Why don't they have to obey traffic laws
  • Southwestern mn seems to have been neglected....
  • the department of transportation should focus on actual transportation: roads and bridges. Bikes are a toy or at best exercise equipment. Besides that the "people" who commute won't use the bike trails and lanes anyway
  • It's a growing desire for people to have safe facilities to bike on.  The more we can connect routes the easier it will be!
  • When it warms up it will be great, I love the paved trails  because I do light riding. Lot of time's I pull my dog in our Burley tail wagon.
  • Due to Hwy 100 construction, more ppl are using the Cedar Lake Trail and biking. Recently the train line added more fencing to detour people from crossing the tracks. We need to cross!!!! Put a pedestrian bridge up or work with the rail road -  a fence will not stop us and it is putting ppl on the tracks longer to cross with add'l fencing.
  • Since I started car-free lifestyle 13 years ago the city infrastructure and people's attitudes toward bikes as transportation have improved. The greenway and off road trails are awesome! More work needs to be done to connect trails and on road bike routes. Add more Portland/Dutch style protected bike paths (cycle tracks)!